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What is SPE?

We are a student chapter of SPE UI SC international which function is to provide Universitas Indonesia students technical oil and gas knowledge and soft skills that are needed to prepare future leaders in solving the impending energy challenges.

What are SPE UI SC’s highlighted work programs?

SPE First

A series of Petroleum Course for non-petroleum Engineering students which aims to enhance the understanding of basic petroleum knowledge of SPE UI SC members.

Oil Week

A series of insightful oil and gas events wrapped in one exciting week which includes seminars, career talks, and training which would answer all you questions on the world of oil and gas.

What are the skillsets that I need for becoming a staff?

There are no specific skillsets needed to apply as a staff of SPE UI SC, we welcome all of those who are willing to learn from experience and display passion and ambition in their work!

What if I’m not interested in oil and gas?

You don’t have to be interested in oil and gas to be part of us. Although, we surely hope that by joining, you will gain insights and knowledge about the current condition of the oil and gas industry and hope that it’ll interest you afterward!

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