Petromax is an SPE Ul SC’s biannual magazine, which is published twice a year.
Petromax contains many articles starting from technical knowledge to trivia information.


PETROMAX Vol. 16 gladly presents ‘Energy & Aerospace’ which features multiple interviews from the Director of Asia Pacific Energy Solutions, Researchers behind the very first bio-jet fuel flight test in Indonesia, Senior Aircraft Powerplant Engineer at GMF AeroAsia, Surface Treatment Development Manufacturing Engineer at PT Dirgantara, Aeromodelling UI, and Presidents of other SPE student chapters. Hopefully, this magazine could give you the knowledge and insight about aerospace and future energy, and you can share your information with your friends and colleagues. —SPE UI SC 2021 #RiseToResilience


Our biggest resource for life on earth—the ocean—is struggling to survive. PETROMAX Vol. 15 wholeheartedly presents ‘Into the Blue’ that feature many interviews from the Leader of Ocean Defender Indonesia, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer of CarbonEthics, Senior Drilling Engineer at Premier Oil, West Offshore Production Sr. Engineer at PT Pertamina Hulu Energi, and President SPE from many Student Chapter. Hopefully, this magazine could increase your awareness about the ocean, and you can share these thoughts with your friends and family. —SPE UI SC 2021 #RiseToResilience 


PETROMAX VOL.14 Petromax Vol. 14 is out now! In this edition, we proudly brought up ‘Revolution’ as our main theme featuring Mr. Mildo Nainggolan, Process Production Operation Manager at SKK Migas; Mr. Ismail Ibnu Haris Alhaj, Petroleum Engineer at Chevron; Ms. Melody Gita, Digital Business Development at Shell Lubricants; Ms. Astrini Yuswandari, Project Manager at Enerka; the President of SPE UNHAS SC, SPE UNPAD SC, and SPE PEM Akamigas SC, and many more. Also, don’t miss a chance of getting 50K Gopay/OVO for 2 lucky winners in the Quiz section! SPE UI SC 2020 #ExpandTheHorizon

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